Established in 1937 the company specialises in ventilation and cooling solutions for industry and commerce.

We have considerable years of experience in dealing with the many facets of our core competency as stated above.

This includes ventilation and cooling of working environments in both commerce and industry ranging from Food Processing, Manufacturing Plants, Pump Rooms, MCC Rooms to Retail Outlets, Centres of Education, etc.

Our Electrical services encompass medium and low voltage electrical reticulation, small power and lighting, lightning protection, design, development, evaluation and more.

Our Mechanical services range from dust collection, fume extraction, fire protection, gas suppression, detection, refrigeration and rational fire design to air-conditioning, creating a full package of quality industry service.

Solutions are provided to fit the application ranging from improving the thermal environment, temperature control, process and equipment cooling to dust control, fume exhaust and hazardous area ventilation, as well as fan engineering. Purpose made and designed ventilation, air conditioning, evaporative cooling and air filtration systems are employed to satisfy clients requirement.

We have our own metal fabrication plant and fabricate ducting, fan / filter assemblies, exhaust canopies, louvres and general metal work.

A comprehensive reference list is available on request.